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Luis Hess and and his team are very personable. Jennifer from his front desk staff sounded genuinely happy for us when she called my family to share the good news. Highly recommend not only for the friendly faces, but because Mr. Hess is highly knowledgeable and gives true and thorough answers instead of only what you want to hear.
Fahad Anjum
I highly recommend Luis Hess. He was my immigration attorney for my E2 visa application. Thanks to his excellent knowledge, professional approach and thoroughness the application went very smoothly. In a very short period of time my dossier was complete and my E2 visa was approved.
Carolina S.
Luis Hess is an excellent attorney who fights hard for his clients. He is a skilled immigration lawyer who is dedicated to helping his clients throughout their process. I highly recommend Luis.
Jamie Salimi
I highly recommend Luis Hess if you need any type of Visa, he is very experienced on the area and gives a personal and professional service prior, during and after the process, it was a pleasure working with him.
Jose M.
Luis was very accessible and friendly advisor, I liked his support and smart approach to the situation. Quick, efficient and reasonable.
Octavio Orozco
I had my first appointment with Luis mid December. We discussed my situation during a one hour meeting. He was very confident that he could help me to get a O1 visa. That proved to be correct. It took Luis and his team about 6 weeks to prepare and review the package. It must have been good, because the approval notice arrived within 2 weeks! Based on this experience I can sincerely recommend Luis for help and advice regarding immigration issues. I will go see him again to start the green card process.
Excellent service and staff, very professional and kind, 100% positive results, I’ll use his services again for sure. Thank you so much Luis Hess.
My experience with Mr. Luis Hess was always very pleasant. He's extremely professional and competent. my case was an EB5 Greencard and even though it took a while the whole process, the results can be read as a 100% success. He might take his time, reviewing and going through the case over and over again in order to make sure that everything it's perfect and heading a good path. Your time will never be wasted with this law firm.
Lus Hess was absolutely wonderful. He helped us with our immigration case and was very affordable. I highly recommend this law firm!! He answered all of our questions, helped us fill out our paperwork and prepped us for our interview. His staff is also very wonderful. You will not be disappointed!
Very professional and responsible individual and attorney. Handled my immigration process from beginning to end, through a process that lasted several years, as well as other business and personal casss with a positive outcome. I highly recommend his services.
Luis, provided us with clear information and helped us during the whole process. Guided us to get all the correct documentation and assisted to our final interview. He even made sure to get us update us during the whole process. I will continue to use his service for the rest of my process and also for future applications for my relatives! Great experience!
Luis is very knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs of immigration law. He kept us on track with deadlines and was concise with his forms. He had answers and examples for every question we had, even those not directly related to our circumstances. I would definitely recommend him to friends, and we plan to use him again when the time comes to apply for citizenship.
Una persona muy profesional sabe lo esta haciendo , muy eficiente , los precios que pagamos fueron mas baratos que los demas abogados que nos refirieron.
Gracias Luis Hess
Enrico Cusi
I hired Mr. Hess to represent myself in a real estate adverse possession case in Montgomery County. While the Plaintiff brought forth frivolous claims, my attorney did an excellent job of raising the proper defenses. Once we got to our trial, Mr. Hess was successful in getting all claims dismissed against me.
Bahman Ahmadian

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