Luis F. Hess is an Immigration Lawyer in The Woodlands, TX

Luis F. Hess

Attorney Luis F. Hess

What I have learned in life is that success, however you define it, is not the result of a random series of events. It begins with a dream, a goal, or an ambition and it ends with self-guided results. More importantly, the bridge that connects a person's wants or desires to the final result is linked by grit, determination, or perseverance. It is these internal characteristics that I most admire in people and why I choose to work with these types of clients on a daily basis.

I am the son of immigrants and one of the first to be born in the United States. English was not my first language. While I had many advantages to growing up in America vis-a-vis a loving family, I was not born into a family with wealth nor political connections that gave me a leg-up in starting a business from scratch. 

In the same way, I thoroughly enjoy working with other individuals who want to become an American, start a company, or grow a business. Why? Because all of these actions require trusting in one's self and knowing that their goal can only be achieved through perseverance and internal grit.

As the managing partner of the firm, I am a seasoned attorney with past experiences working in the US Air Force JAG Corps, in-house counsel at Sisters of Mercy Health System, the USDA legal department, and other private law firms.

Before and after completing my law degree, I served as a college instructor and adjunct professor. My practice is focused on helping clients achieve their goals related to immigration law, real estate law, civil law and business law.



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