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Will my adopted child get a green card and/or US Citizenship?

Will my adopted child get a green card and/or US Citizenship? The answer is maybe. A Hague Convention adoptee may qualify for immigration benefits if: (1) the child is habitually a resident in a country that is a party to the Convention, (2) the child is under 16 years of age when the immediate relative petition is filed; (3) the child has either: (a) two living parents who are incapable of providing proper care for the child, or (b) one sole or surviving parent… Read more

What are the reasons for green card denials?

Green Card Process When it comes to getting a green card, it is vital to understand the process. Part of the understanding the process includes knowing the top reasons green cards are denied. Knowing why a green card could be denied now can prevent rejection in the future. Not knowing the process can make getting a green card much more difficult and time-consuming. However, a proper understanding… Read more

TN Visa: An Introduction

The TN Visa is a temporary work visa allowing only Mexican and Canadian nationals to work within the United States.  Requirements In order to apply, the applicant must Possess a university degree; Be offered a US-based employment position within the United States, That position must require a university degree, and The position falls within a pre-approved profession list as found within APPENDIX… Read more

The Easy Guide to live and work in the United States (Even if you don’t have American relatives)

There are numerous opportunities to live and work in the United States. The question is whether you want to work temporarily (i.e., a non-immigrant visa) or permanently (i.e., an immigrant visa) in the United States. Most guides in the web are complex and redacted with terminology hard to understand. The purpose of this guide is to help anyone interested in live and work on the United States on what… Read more